The Traditional Martial Arts Shotokan Karate program provides training for youth and adults aged 11 and up in the Japanese Shotokan Karate style.

Students are taught basic karate techniques, both offensive and defensive with the ultimate goal being the ability to most effectively succeed in a fight should the need arise. They learn exercises to help improve flexibility, balance and coordination. Techniques are combined into routines called Katas which teach timing and the flow of one technique into another. Sparring with a partner allows the student to practice and experiment with the learned techniques in a friendly and supervised environment.

The proper attitude of respect, discipline, self control and cooperation is expected of all students.

A new student begins at the White Belt level. A student from the Dragon Martial Arts program begins at the solid Yellow Belt level.

Testing for advancement is offered every three months and includes a demonstration of skill in techniques, Kata and sparring. Progression through the program leads to a 1st Degree Black Belt (One Dan) as the student advances through the solid belt colors of Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple and three levels of Brown.