Martial Arts Comparison

  Shotokan Karate Aikido Kung Fu Judo Tae Kwan Do T\'ai Chi
Origin  Japan Japan China Japan Korea China


Pine waves house
Open Hand
The way of harmony with universal energy Human effort The way of greatness The way of the hand and foot Supreme ultimate fist

Tech- niques

Hand and foot strikes and sweeps

Speed, power, timing, balance

Control, throwing

Quick decisive move- ments

Posture, guard, hand and foot attacks

Speed, power

Grappling, throwing, joint lock- ing

Speed, finesse

Mostly foot attack, some hand, joint locking, point striking

Speed, power, timing

Push hands

Slow connected movement


Sometimes Sometimes Yes No Sometimes Yes


Defense, offense, control Defense Defense, offense Defense Defense Fitness, stress relief

Philos- ophy

Character building Harmony within and without Perfection of one's skill Alertness, security, self- dicipline Balance of mind, body, and spirit Moderation in all things