Program Summary

The Shotokan Karate Federation of Michigan is dedicated to teaching the principles of Japanese Shotokan Karate in a fun and friendly environment. Classes for men, women and children are available and can be entered into at any time.

Lil' Dragon      Lil' Dragon   Program

The Lil' Dragon Martial Arts program is specially designed for 5 - 7 year olds. In addition to fun, high energy classes, our Lil' Dragons learn respect, discipline, confidence, flexibility, balance, coordination, self control, cooperation and stranger awareness. Graduates of the Lil' Dragon program will move directly into the Dragon program regardless of age.

Dragon       Dragon   Program

The Dragon Martial Arts program is for students aged 8 - 10 and Lil' Dragon program graduates. At this level a stronger emphasis on self defense techniques is taught in addition to the attributes mentioned above in the Lil'Dargon program synopsis. Graduates of the Dragon program will move directly into the Traditional program regardless of age.

Traditional Shotokan      Traditional Program

The Traditional Martial Arts program is offered to youth and adults aged 11 and up as well as Dragon program graduates. In addition to the attributes listed above for the Lil' Dragon and Dragon programs, students are taught both offensive and defensive techniques with the ultimate goal being the ability to most effectively succeed in a fight should the need arise. With practice and dedication students can achieve the level of Black Belt.