Lil Dragon Testing

At this level students learn pad work, sparring techniques, kicking techniques and basics. Testing ensures that the student knows and executes these skills to attain ever higher belt levels in preparation to progression to the Dragon Program .


Advancement is based upon a combination of attendance and the demonstration of specific martial arts skills.

At each belt level a minimum of 3 classes and instructor approval is required to obtain a black stripe. When the 4th and final black stripe (White, Yellow Stripe, Orange Stripe and Green Stripe Belts) or 5th and final stripe (Blue Stripe belt) is received for a particular level at least 3 additional classes are required. At this point the student has attended 12-20 classes.

If the instructor feels that the student has demonstrated the required skills and is ready for the next level, permission will be given for the student to test.

The student will then receive a Belt Testing Form that explains test fees, scheduling, etc. The form should be completed and submitted with the test fee payment to the classroom administrator or any instructor before or during class (not at the end).

Testing is usually scheduled for immediately after class.

Karate Belt Ranking and Requirements

White Belt

  • Beginner rank, no requirements.

Yellow Stripe Belt

  • Four (4) stripes as a White Belt

Orange Stripe Belt

  • Four (4) stripes as a Yellow Stripe Belt

Green Stripe Belt

  • Four (4) stripes as an Orange Stripe Belt

Blue Stripe Belt

  • Four (4) stripes as a Green Stripe Belt

Program Progression

Students who receive a Blue Strip Belt are automatically entered into the Dragon program . A Blue Stripe Belt is equal in rank to the Advanced White Belt worn by Dragon students.