The Shotokan Karate Federation of Michigan currently offers classes at multiple locations conveniently located in the suburbs west of Detroit.

Full time classes are offered at four locations.  The school's flagship location is in the Forum Fitness Center, located conveniently on Ford Road in Westland.  Classes are also offered at the Warren Road Light and Life Church in Westland, the HYPE Recreation Center in Wayne and the Mega Gym in Novi.  These four schools serve students located throughout Westland, Farmington Hills, and surrounding cities including Garden City, Livonia, Plymouth, Redford, and more.

In addition to these full time locations, temporary classes are sometimes offered at other locations in nearby communities.  Livonia, in particular, has hosted 8-week introductory classes at several of the public schools.  Contact us today to find out if classes are going on in your area!

If none of the above locations meet your needs, the Shotokan Karate Federation of Michigan can come to you.  Private and group lessons are available for students regardless of rank or ability.  If you would like to set up a training location, feel free to contact us so that we may make appropriate arrangements.